Untitled High School Album

by Jake Phillips

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These are a series of songs that I've written and recorded throughout high school. Many of them deal with the ending of significant relationships, and the stress during them. I believe all of them are on ukulele.


released June 24, 2012

All words, music, recording, mastering, and producing done by Jake Phillips in his bedroom in his parents' house in Raleigh, NC. All songs were made in 2011-2012.



all rights reserved


Jake Phillips Raleigh, North Carolina

I dabble in all sorts of music. Mainly indie/acoustic, punk, alternative, and hardstyle (EDM). I hope you like what you hear, and if you have some spare change in your bank account that you'd like to donate... :D

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Track Name: You Didn't Care
And after all the words are said I'm left hurt and confused. The text simply read "I'm tired of being confused." And I always told the truth when I said "I like you." You said you didn't like being used, but you played with my heart too. And it's this feeling that I get. This feeling of regret. You let me fall. You didn't care about me at all. And after all is said and done, I don't know what to do. You said the past week was fun, but not enough to start new. The talking slowly died with the feelings in my heart. In the end you never tried, forever apart. And you never let go of the past. Which is why we didn't last. We hit a wall, you never liked me at all.
Track Name: Untitled Love Song
Tears roll down you face. And I apologize for all my stupid lies. I've brought you much disgrace. But I like you and that's the only truth I ever knew. I eagerly wait for your text. And I get concentrated on something so sophisticated. So what comes next? A angry undeserved reply from the worlds most paranoid guy. And I can't explain all these feelings I have for you. I think I'm falling in love with you. And if you only knew the pain I feel when it rolls through. I need you. I fall asleep holding your hand. And I can sleep well at night, because everything's alright. I motionlessly stand in the rising tide, with you by my side. My heart it creaks. I kiss you on the head as my happiness drops dead. You'll be gone for weeks. But I like you, and that's the only truth I ever knew. And I can't explain all the feelings I have for you. I think I'm falling in love with you. If you only knew the pain I feel when it rolls through, I need you.
Track Name: Untitled Song
And every time I hear those words I see your face, I smell your scent, and I hear your voice. I don't want to be like the other boys. I don't want to be one of your old toys. And I thought that you felt the same, but why'd you go and say what you had to say? And I've got to be the biggest fool, or I'm just a rusty old tool. And you've got to think this way too, so why'd you say "I like you?" And I've got, got to get over it. I am getting over it. You will go off to school, and I'll stay right where I am. I'll think about you more each day, and you'll slowly forget my name. And I should have seen this one through, after all the things you do. What hurt most was your lie. Now there's some truth that I've got to find. And I've got, got to get over it. I am getting over it. You say "goodbye" with just one wave. You saw my face and ran the other way. You open the door as it shut in my face, I'm just a face that you replaced.
Track Name: Untitled II (Untitled III Part IV)
And the stars are forming around me. And I can't even get my sleep. And the lies are forming around you. And you can't even whisper the truth. And this song was written for you. Your things and my things are askew. And this sounds like the sounds of breaking. Not quite the sounds I wish we were making. Two years gone and this still haunts me. I'm afraid of your face. And to me this song isn't absolute closure, it's a picture with too much exposure. And the words you used on me were tight. And I know each one of them was right. And the status flickered so hard it was shaking the picture. I took a step back to observe this world, but all I could see was this damn girl. And you were imprinted on everything. Someone began to scream. I moved on but you still lurked around. To my knowledge you moved out of this town. I'll keep in my head what I know is true, this is the sound of me getting over you.